The Summit Series on the NAE Grand Challenges

Why focus on grand challenges?

Universities across the U.S. and beyond are answering the call to action raised by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in partnership with the National Science Foundation. That call has focused public attention on the NAE Grand Challenges, a critical grouping of problems that must be addressed and solved in order to maintain our national security, quality of life and sustainable future. Addressing issues this complex requires innovation and cooperation from engineers of all kinds, as well as policymakers, economists, geologists, biologists and sociologists.

The 2010 Grand Challenge Summit Series sustained dialogue and helped to foster engagement with grand challenge problems as a way to improve the way we educate our students. The grand challenges are a focal point to direct efforts to better prepare students at all levels for the challenges ahead. In 2013, the first Global Grand Challenges Summit will be held in London, England. If you're interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, contact Russell Holloway. If you are interested in future summits, please contact Minnie Glymph.

NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program

As of 2012, twelve universities have launched NAE Grand Challenge Scholars programs. This Scholars program is a combined curricular and extra-curricular endeavor designed to prepare college students to be the generation that solves the grand challenges facing society in this century. Learn more.